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Character Design: Duskwing

This character was designed for StarBreak, a 2D Action Platformer MMO game featuring multiple character classes known as "shells." This shell was designed to be fast, melee-oriented, but fragile. She is for skilled players who are willing to take big risks for big rewards.

She is probably my favorite character in StarBreak and from early on I intended for her to be the most popular character to play. This was true for most of StarBreak's lifespan until a combination of rebalancing and the player knowledge base evened out the playing field more.

Stephen hetrick 13 12 17 roguetype2

A very early concept for the Duskwing, before she even had a name.

Stephen hetrick 13 12 16 roguetype

Early silhouette studies.

Stephen hetrick 14 05 13 assassin2

Turn around sketches.

Stephen hetrick 13 01 26 assassin

Silhouette and color studies.

Stephen hetrick assassin 14 05 09

Exploring ideas for her face, hair, and hood.

Stephen hetrick assassin attacks 14 05 12

Her proposed move set.

Stephen hetrick stephen hetrick duskwinga

The final design.